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While word of the Support Group and the kinds of help it is providing individuals and families is growing fast, we know there are many folks in Peebles and surroundings that are harder to reach. Maybe they are not on line? Maybe they don’t think the Group applies to them? Or maybe they feel there are others whose needs are greater, and so don’t ask, even though help would be welcome.

We want you to help spread the word about the Peebles Covid-19 Mutual Support Group. We want to #GetPeeblesTalking
For example, did you know that the Support Group can organise some shopping? Collect prescriptions? Walk a dog? Provide an evening meal? We have even helped move someone’s fridge. And we are here if someone just wants to chat.

And it is not only those who are unwell, or shielding, or the elderly.  We are helping families of key workers.  We are helping families who are on furlough, or have lost their job.
Do you know someone who might welcome a helping hand?  They don’t need to be in dire straits?  They might simply want a little bit of help.
In the coming weeks, we will be sharing tips and ideas from around the community to help you #GetPeeblesTalking.  This week, we want to encourage you to have a “street greet” or a “stair share”.  Knock on the doors of a few of your neighbours, or pop a note through their letter box, inviting them to a bring a cup of coffee outside and have a blether – socially distanced of course – How are you all doing? Have you seen the Support Group posters or face book site?  Did you know the kinds of things the Group is doing? Picking up shopping , collecting prescriptions, organising evening meals, even there just for a friendly chat? Do your friends know?  Do you know anyone who might like a helping hand?  Has anyone seen Mr Jones or Mrs Smith lately?  Are they OK?
Let us know how you get on.  Share your stories. We are keen to hear from you!
Help us help Peebles, and #GetPeeblesTalking
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