Guidance for Volunteers

Firstly, we would like to thank you for taking the time to volunteer. It is not easy making a commitment in the particular circumstances we all find ourselves. You should feel proud.

The purpose of this document is to provide some guidance on the support the Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group will become involved in.


When volunteering for shopping the following information should help you and the shopping recipient stay safe. You may also be contacted by one of the admins or co-ordinators to assist with shopping for someone local to you.

• When volunteering to shop obtain the persons details including address and phone number.

• If volunteering via the Facebook page DO NOT give out phone numbers or addresses, including your own, always PM the requestor as they may not be the recipient.

• Call the person that requires shopping to introduce yourself, explain who you are and who you represent (The Peebles COVID Support Group).

• Arrange to get the shopping list in one of three ways. o Take the list over the phone o Arrange to collect the list from the door prior to collecting the shopping o Obtain the list from the Phone line handlers who may have taken the call • Whilst on the phone arrange how the shopping will be paid for so both parties clearly understand. There are two options

o The volunteer can be pay for the shopping upfront, then call the recipient to inform them of the cost so they can leave the funds out.

o Collect some money when collecting the shopping list and return change with the shopping

Delivering Shopping

It’s is important when delivering shopping that you maintain a safe distance at all times. This can be particularly challenging with some older people as you may be the only person they speak to all day. The importance of keeping your distance is vital.

• When the shopping is complete call the recipient and inform them of the approximate delivery time.

• Place the shopping as close the door as possible. DO NOT enter the door including porches areas.

• Ring the bell then stand back a minimum of 2M preferably further.


What if the shopping recipient has not money?

The Peebles COVID Mutual Support Group have now been allocated funds from Scottish Borders Council and we can reimburse any out of pocket money. Please contact Paul (07501500656) or Sophie (07958308013). All we ask is where possible have a receipt though this is not essential.

What if I reach my limit of my phone minutes?

If your provider permits top- ups please contact Paul (07501500656) or Sophie (07958308013) and we can provide some funding to enable you to top up. If not, please communicate via FB using your home wireless we will look at what can be arranged to resolve the issue.

What if the shopping recipient does not answer?

It may take some of the elderly time to get to the door, for this reason always call them with an expected delivery time to minimise no answers. Should there be no answer call them again to confirm you have delivered the shopping