Peeblesshire News Column 12th June

The Beltane Festival won’t happen this year in its normal form but there will be some activities going on virtually we are reliably informed. Check out the Beltane Facebook page for more details. But what a great way to get people talking by checking how they are, making sure they are getting the support they need and reminiscing about past Beltane Festivals. What a great way to #GetPeeblesTalking.

Now usually at Beltane you head down the street and become part of the crowd, only this year it is different. The people you normally meet around this time of year are in the same situation. So why not call them up and see how they are since you are unable to meet, make sure they are getting the help they need to get through both this pandemic. Come on lets’ #GetPeeblesTalking.

This week the government said they were optimistic about entering phase two of the removal of lockdown. So you may be thinking how will we manage as the children are still off school. How is my mum going to obtain her groceries? That is where the COVID-19 group can help. With our army of volunteers, we can help your transition back to work that little bit less stressful. If you are providing support to family and relatives, then give us a call on 0800 009 6709 and help us to help you. Just knowing the simple things like basic shopping, collecting post and receiving medicines can still be taken care of.

We also want to remind you about our competitions. Have you nominated your hero volunteer? Who has gone that extra mile to help you get through this situation? We want you to help us find the star volunteer of the week. Ideally with their permission, a little headshot or picture of them in action would be useful. We have prizes to give away. Who would like one?

We need more entries for the primary children’s ‘My Lockdown Story’; competition.  We’d love them to share with us what they have been doing during lockdown, either as a picture or a one-page story.

For the winners of the children’s competition we have 3 x £10 Caldwell’s ice cream vouchers kindly donated by A Gift for Peebles for the family to enjoy an ice cream delivery. The winner for May and June will be announced after the Beltane Festival.

Here is a little taster from Aran, age 9, who loves Kailzie Gardens so much they created their own.

My Lockdown Story
As every other person currently, we are isolating in our property. When I heard that we were isolating in our houses and not going to school I was ecstatic because of the news. Everyone is confined; however, we have built something beautiful, calming, something that makes you think. A ‘mini Kailzie garden’.

For those of you who do not know what the ‘Kailzie garden’ is, it’s a beautiful wonder of nature, with all different types of plants, trees, and most of all flowers. ‘Kailzie’ has snowdrop cloud filled fields and proud tall ancient silver birch trees with gnarly twisted branches overlooking luscious carpets of bluebells.

You may be thinking what I am doing telling you about ‘Kailzie’, well we [ my brother and I] have made one of our own. It all started when we had been in our house for only a year and were still exploring it’s surroundings. We had found a woodland space beside the house that could be altered to become beautiful, but we waited until the summer holidays to start working on our ‘mini Kailzie garden’. Eventually the holidays came, so with just shears, secateurs [big scissors used for cutting branches] and a rake, we got to work. Little did I know that my brother had everything planned out therefore everything was to his liking. We did have to do a lot of work over that year, cutting nettles, poisonous plants and all that garden rubbish. Tall, dead flowers, dead trees down all within 2 months and a bit of work.

We will be publishing all the stories and pictures right after the Beltane Festival. So please keep the entries coming.
In both cases send your submissions via email it to We’ll be sharing the pictures and stories on our Facebook page, website, and in the press helping us to keep Peebles connected. Please remember to Include the first name and your age for the children competition and your full name for the Star Volunteer of the week,

If you self-isolating due to illness or other reasons, then use the Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group number 0800 009 6709 to request support. This support is available to everyone no matter what the problem is. No challenge is too big.

Finally stay safe and remember that help is just a phone call away.

Sophie and Paul

Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group

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