Peeblesshire News Column 19th June

Welcome to the column of the Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group

As you go through the town you can now feast your eyes on a sea of red and white as people pay their respect to the Beltane Festival that won’t take place. From the high street to your local street, flags a flying and flapping in the wind. What a great sight and what a great indication of community spirit. It is the Beltane but just different.

Lots of other things are different this year, the schools are trying to deliver lesson, out shops are closed except for essentials and the café’s and eateries wait avidly for government information on when they can reopen. But until then the Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group is still here and ready to provide support no matter what the request. But we can’t do this alone. We have posters and banners all over town but one of the best ways to let others know about our service is word of mouth, we want you to keep talking and let your friends and neighbours know what we are here for. What a great way to #GetPeeblesTalking

We are still supported by our great army of volunteers so give us a call on 0800 009 6709 and help us to help you. If you are still self-isolating or shielding don’t be afraid to call us. You can ask for anything including information on food services such as the Meals on Wheels and Evening meal service from the Tontine.

Also don’t forget about our competitions.  We still want your entries for the primary children’s ‘My Lockdown Story’; competition.  We’d love them to share with us what they have been doing during lockdown, either as a picture or a one-page story. We are going to announce the winners on Saturday 26th June.
We will then run the competition again in July.

The winners of the children’s competition we have 3 x £10 Caldwell’s ice cream vouchers kindly donated by A Gift for Peebles for the family to enjoy an ice cream delivery.

Also have you nominated your hero volunteer? Who has gone that extra mile to help you get through this situation? We want you to help us find the star volunteer of the week. Ideally with their permission, a little headshot or picture of them in action would be useful. We have prizes to give away. Who would like one?

Evie age 9 – almost 10, has written a fantastic poem. She has called ‘Free’

The world got sick and scary,
and we had to stay inside,
Some people went to hospital,
lots of them even died.

We are in quarantine,
but we are still free,
The only thing that happens,
is I miss you and you miss me.

It is hard to keep our hope,
but we try our very best,
We clap outside once a week,
for the NHS.

Soon we might get back to life,
but things won’t be the same,
We will have to keep our distance,
because this virus isn’t a game.

As time goes on and scientists work,
things will change – you’ll see
But as long as we care for each other,
I’ve always got you and you’ve got me.

To enter the competitions, send your submissions via email it to We’ll be sharing the pictures and stories on our Facebook page, website, and in the press helping us to keep Peebles connected. Please remember to Include the first name and your age for the children competition and your full name for the Star Volunteer of the week,

If you self-isolating due to illness or other reasons, then use the Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group number 0800 009 6709 to request support. This support is available to everyone no matter what the problem is. No challenge is too big.

Finally stay safe and remember that help is just a phone call away.

Sophie and Paul
Peebles COVID-19 Mutual Support Group

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