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This form is for those in our local community who REQUIRE HELP and SUPPORT during the current COVID-19. This will be managed by the Peebles Resilient Community Group and we will match you as much as possible to volunteers near by. The data will be held securely and only be accessed by the resilient community group. Your data will not be shared with any other party or organisation. Please only share data that you are happy to be held, your name, address and phone number will be passed onto those who will provide assistance.

NOTE: – no volunteer will enter your home so if you require items to be delivered a safe place must be identified to leave the supplies.

    Do you have, have you recently had, or are you showing symptoms of Coronavirus (Corvid-19)?
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    How can we help you?

    Do you match any of the following criteria?
    I am over 65I have a respiratory conditionI have childrenMy immune system is at riskI am visually impairedI have a health condition not listedI'm in need of some extra financial support